Help for foreigners in Nanning with their Paperwork

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Help for foreigners in Nanning with their Paperwork

Post  danny on Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:46 pm

Hello,  Here is a link to a story about a place where you can get help with your paperwork in Nanning:

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According to the article it will help foreigners:  

"  The first service station for foreigners opened in Nanning on July 1. Created by the Nanning Municipal Nanhu Public Security Bureau, the service station allows foreigners to process their temporary residence slips and to handle visa-related paper work. It also assists foreigners in contacting the police and provides information on legal matters related to foreigners.  "

In the photo the blue sign   It says  "Nan Hu Police station. "

I goggled Nan Hu Police station, Nanning:

That came up with an address of :

Guichun Road Nan'erli, Qingxiu, Nanning, Guangxi, China
Phone:+86 771 553 8110

Google maps shows this place to the west of the Nan Hu Lake.

I got all this info off the internet.  Not sure how valid this info is.   I wonder if any one has ever been to this place.  Were they any help?

Any info would be appreciated.



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